Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome blogger ! Let's join our blog

I would like to welcome you all to join our blog to fasilitate the students and education community from SMKN 1 Serang City Banten Indonesia and the voulunteers and others people to joint and post the education issues or news in the join blog between SMKN 1 Serang and KIV ( Korea Internet Voulunteer). This is such of the program to set up in order to make the open communication among the people from both countries and among SMK-SBI INVEST ADB from all over Indonesia.SMKN 1 Serang are eager to help the other schools to make international relationship to some OECD countries as we stated at our 12 commitments ( 12 Janji kinerja SMK SBI INVEST).
The last I would like to thanks to Mr. Syarif Hidayat S.Kom ICT expert from SMKN 1 Serang and Mr. Ji-Hwan Choi, Ms. Sora Jeong, Mr. Yeong-Geun Juo, Mr. Sang-Hyun Seo from KIV Korea who are actively to share their knowledge and experiences to our students and school communities for developing the ICT.


Oeng Rosliana Kartamihardja

Teacher exchange between Korea Internet Voulanteer and SMKN 1 Kota Serang

Monday (7/20/2010), SMK Negeri 1 Serang (SMK - SBI-Invest-ADB) returned to bring guest teachers from abroad. Guest this time came from South Korea which consisted of Mr. Ji-Hwan Choi, Ms.. Sora Jeong, Mr. Yeong-Geun Juo, Mr. Seo Sang-Hyun they were from the University of South Korea, organized by the KIV - NIA (Korea Internet Volunteer - the National Information Agency), South Korea.